The 101: Literally Tho, Will You Just Relax Already?

by RISE Mag

April 24, 2018

Weed for wellness can be your new favorite self-care step. Once you get past the myth that cannabis will render you completely couch-bound, you’ll find the plant can take your favorite relaxation activity to new heights.


Self-Care, Cannabis Style


Is the bath tub your happy place? It’s about to get even happier. For the most relaxing soak ever, try a CBD bath bomb.


More into massages? There’s a CBD massage oil for that.


Between edibles, vape pens, and teas there are endless ways to relax with cannabis. It’s all about finding the right one for you.


Read more to find out how you can incorporate a little herb into your relaxation and wellness routine.


Get Calm With Marijuana-Infused Meditation


Guilty of that whole “rushing towards the future” thing those ancient philosophers warned us about? Yeah, us too.


Just because you’ve found the time to relax doesn’t mean you can. Little calming rituals can help — rolling a joint, brewing a cup of tea, and sitting down to enjoy both are a good start towards a calmer, more chill you.


Want to bring cannabis into your meditation ritual? Learn more here.


Slide into Relaxation Station


A Hawaiian Punch might not sound like the best way to relax but TRUST: This strain, among others like Green Ribbon and Lemonberry, are known for their anti-anxiety powers.


Find the perfect herb for what ails you here.


Use THC for some ZZZs


What’s keeping you up at night?


Stress, jet lag, PTSD, and physical pain can stop even a champion sleeper from getting a good night’s rest. These things are often temporary, but sleeping pills can lead to an addiction that isn’t. Cannabis works to act on both the symptoms separating you from sleep (like anxiety) AND the lack of sleepiness you’re feeling. That’s what we in the biz call a win-win.


Find out more on why it works, and how it might work for you.


Conquer Social Anxiety


Awkward no more.


We’ve got the periodic table of chill right here for you. Time to say a not-so-fond farewell to social anxiety and make the scene.


Browse through a selected range of strains here.