Martha Stewart: The Making Of An Unlikely Cannabis Icon

by RISE Mag

April 30, 2018

The world’s most famous domestic queen can roast a perfect turkey, design a beautiful flower arrangement, and as it turns out, sculpt a topiary Statue of Liberty from a sativa plant and be BFFs with Snoop Dogg. Could the cannabis industry be Martha Stewart’s next frontier?


Martha Stewart’s Hidden Talent


Is it any surprise that the one person on the planet who knows how to fold a fitted sheet can also roll a perfect joint?

A Beautiful Friendship


Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg may seem like an odd couple but the homemaking mogul and the rap icon actually go together like gin and juice … or marijuana and brownies.


Get the inside scoop on Martha and Snoop’s origin story.


Get to Snacking


You might call Martha Stewart’s brownies ‘heavenly’ but it’s Snoop’s secret ingredient that makes them truly transcendental. It is said that the most popular and easier way of taking Marijuana is through consumption. There are are variety of ways of doing this to make it enjoyable. “how long do marijuana edibles last” is one that comes up a lot. The answer is anywhere between 4-12 hours, varying on other variables. Get baking here.


Read on to get Martha’s recipe (with Snoop-approved additions).


The Magnificent Marijuana Moments of Martha


We’re not messing with you: This really IS a video of Martha Stewart sculpting a topiary Statue of Liberty from a sativa plant.