The Other Kind Of Performance Enhancement

by RISE Mag

May 15, 2018

Advocates for cannabis-fueled sexytimes shout it from the rooftops: The plant can help you shake inhibitions, get out of your head, and maintain a connection like never before. Find the right strain for you, your partner, and your sexual style, and expect the sparks to fly.


Better Awareness, Better Connection, Better Sex


Whether you’re aiming for a deeper intimacy or trying to fix a mind/body disconnect you get when you’re stressed out or distracted, weed might be the answer. “Cannabis allows you to connect with other people, but from a place of acute awareness,” says couples coach Dr. Nick Karras. “It doesn’t allow you to lie to yourself in a sense. Instead it allows you to be much more sensual.”


Go deeper into the cannabis + sex connection, and learn how to start exploring.


Different Tokes For Different Strokes: Finding The Perfect Strain For Sex


Here’s one instance where the process of trial and error can be an epically good time. Since there’s no one strain of pot that’s right for every twosome (or threesome or onesome or… you get the idea), you have to experiment to find the kind that’s right for you.


Think you’re ready to start? Learn how.


See!? Science Says So


Oooooh baby! The performance-enhancing properties of a single, sexy spliff have just been confirmed by scientists who say that with the right strain and dosage, users can see a boost in both stamina and skill. Is it hot in here or what?


Find out more about this potentially game-changing (and bed-shaking) study.


If The Bed Is A Rockin’ … Then It’s Probably Because Of Cannabis


Too high to get down? According to science (from Stanford scientists, no less) that isn’t a thing. In fact, people that use pot tend to have MORE sex than non-users — like 20% more. Do with this information what you will [insert winking emoji here].


Read on to further convince yourself to give cannabis a go in the bedroom.


Porn Goes To Pot


Is cannabis sexy? Um, obviously. According to PornHub, a whole new genre has sprung up around the plant. There’s even one production company that makes pot porn exclusively. The link, says CannaSexual Ashley Manta, is natural: “We know that THC is a vasodilator. That’s going to increase blood flow to the area, which is going to increase engorgement with blood, which is one of the things that happens when your body physiologically responds to genital stimulation,” she explains. Later in the year, you may find that other porn websites like, may start to adopt these new categories for its viewers to enjoy.


See? We told you.


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