Women To Know At Lift

by RISE Mag

May 23, 2018

Women are throttling toward the “green” ceiling at lightning speed, making waves in the cannabis industry as entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, scientists, growers, designers, advocates, consultants — and the list goes on and on. Head to Lift & Co. Expo in Toronto (May 25-27)  and you’ll meet many of the Women of Weed that are taking up space in this booming industry.


Legal (Canna) Eagle


It’s Business 101 that all companies need a lawyer at one point or another.


For Canada’s commercial cannabis space? That lawyer is Trina Fraser, who will be a speaker to watch at this month’s Lift & Co. Expo.


After learning how CBD oil could help her cousin’s son with his Dravet syndrome (a severe form of epilepsy), Fraser also started fielding calls from forward-thinking entrepreneurs, eager to get their foot in the soon-to-explode cannabis industry.


“I’ve worked really hard the past four-plus years developing the expertise, so it is rewarding to feel like I have a voice and bring value to my clients…The most challenging thing for me at this point is handling the flood of inquiries that are coming in—but that’s a good problem to have.”


Learn more about how Fraser became the lawyer that Canada’s cannabis industry has on speed dial.


Winning Hearts And Minds


Support for the legalization of cannabis in the United States currently sits around 64%, a record high. Even as recent as 2013 or 2014, the plant and its industry were still cloaked in taboo.


Seems a whole lotta people have changed their minds in recent years.


“Today, it’s really amazing to see how far the industry has come, how many businesses there are, and how much revenue the industry has generated,” says Olivia Mannix, CEO of Cannabrandco and speaker at Toronto’s upcoming Lift & Co. Expo.


The most effective way of changing people’s minds? According to Mannix, it’s all about education, education, education.


“…Information surrounding cannabis is at the forefront of all messaging, and to make sure that we’re really getting to the facts; that we’re doing case studies, that we’re involving physicians…and really getting the answers.”


Discover how education is a huge factor in changing perceptions of cannabis.




Alison McMahon, founder of Cannabis At Work — Canada’s first cannabis staffing agency — could sense it.


The growing buzz of the cannabis industry was growing, and HR Specialist McMahon knew she wanted in.


Lauching Cannabis At Work in 2015, she started educating employers about cannabis in the workplace, and helping companies accomodate employees who’ve been prescribed medical marijuana.


50,000 jobs: According to McMahon, that’s a conservative estimate for how many jobs legalization could bring within 2 years. In the meantime, find McMahon at Toronto’s Lift & Co. Expo this month, where Cannabis At Work has organized a career fair.


Read about how Cannabis At Work is helping the industry prepare for the coming demand for workers.




Legalization is on the horizon, but a boost in data supporting medical marijuana’s benefits for everything from insomnia to pain have led to more and more Canadians turning to the plant. Finding the right dose, however, remains pretty murky territory.


Enter Hilary Black, Director of Patient Education and Advocacy for Canopy Growth, and a featured speaker at Toronto’s Lift & Co. Expo. A patient advocate since 1997, Black developed a system that helps clients safely and positively explore cannabis as medicine.


“The best way is to start with 2.5 milligrams of THC [tetrahydrocannabinol] and equal or greater of cannabidiol [CBD], and then step it up day by day by that amount until you find a dose that works for you.”


Read on for further guidance on how to safely figure out a proper dose.




The premiere provider of Jamaican cannabis to the world? That’s Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation and Collective. Their CEO? Diane Scott, bringing 20 years of global experience in the C-suite of enterprises.


Heading to Lift & Co. Expo in Toronto, May 25-27? Scott will be part of a panel presented by Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation, called When Countries Collaborate, alongside Dr. the Honourable Andrew Wheatley, Jamaica’s Minister of Science, Energy and Technology.


Learn more about Scott’s background, and the team behind Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation and Collection.




Cannabis + women.


As it turns out, there’s a lot to discuss at this particular intersection of a booming industry.


Women-specific cannabis treatments. Opportunities for women in cannabis. Cannabis literacy for women. Even cannabis and parenting.


Wanna learn more? Head to Lift & Co. Expo this month in Toronto, and be sure to catch the Cannabis and Women: Opportunities, Obstacles, Risks, and Stigma panel discussion.


Add this panel discussion to your Lift agenda.