The Budding Importance Of Quality In Cannabis

by RISE Mag

May 26, 2018


Interest in cannabis is at an all-time high, but not all cannabis companies are created equal. Regulations and consumer demand are pushing cannabusinesses to produce consistent and high-quality products that are safe and effective.


“Gone are the days of illicit weed grown with questionable practices,” says Anton Mattadeen, CEO of RISE Life Science. “The Black Market is being replaced by regulated operations offering a variety of cannabis products scientifically developed for distinct applications.”


There’s a patchwork of jurisdictional standards in place right now, and RISE Life Science says it’s working to meet standards set in Europe because they are widely recognized as being the highest.


“Not all cannabis strains are created equal,” says Mattadeen. “With the wide variety of strains and chemical profiles now available to companies making legal cannabis products, a commitment to sourcing quality plants is more important than ever.”