Prohibition, No More: It’s A Whole New Era For Cannabis In Canada

by RISE Mag

June 20, 2018

Bust out your noisemakers, and get ready to puff-puff-pass, because Canada’s 90-year cannabis prohibition is O-V-E-R. At least it will be on October 17, 2018 — the date PM Justin Trudeau announced as the official start date to the country’s legal, adult-use recreational market, after the Senate passed Bill C-45 (known commonly as The Cannabis Act), on June 19.


Prohibition Ends at Last


Today, in amazing news: Canada’s over-90-year cannabis prohibition is over, y’all!


(Well, it will be later this fall.)


On June 19, in a 52-29 vote, the Senate passed Bill C-45 (commonly known as The Cannabis Act), paving the way for an adult-use recreational market that’s slated to start, according to PM Justin Trudeau, on October 17, 2018.


The Act’s passage is significant not only because Canada is now only the second country in the world to have a nationally-legalized rec market, but because it establishes the country as a model for other nations.


Read more to get a reminder of what legalization will look like, province by province.


A Leader Since the Start


Canada was a global leader in medical cannabis, legalizing MMJ way back in 2001.


Now, the whole world is watching as Canada is set to introduce an adult-use recreational market, after the passing of Bill C-45 on June 19, becoming just the second nation in the world to have such laws.


So, how do other countries stack up? As of now, only Uruguay is the only other country with fully-legalized cannabis, which happened in 2013. We can only speculate at this point, but we have to ask: Who’s next?


Could it be Italy, that legalized medical marijuana in 2007? Germany might have a leg up, considering it’s the largest medical cannabis market in Europe. Mexico might want to follow the example of Portugal, using decriminalization to help fight the drug cartels.


Find out the status of other countries around the world, and where they stand in the global cannabis conversation.


Cannabis 101


Bill C-45 (aka The Cannabis Act) has passed the Senate, and Canada’s legal, adult-use recreational cannabis market will officially kick-off on October 17, 2018. Right on!


But if you’re still new to cannabis, the flood of related terms and vocabulary might seem a little…daunting?


It’s a good thing we’re here with a super-useful Cannabis 101 Cheat Sheet guide to help you make sense of everything from THC to CBD to OMG. (We threw that last one in there for fun!)


Check out our guide to help you get started and be ready to go on October 17 — i.e the official, per-PM Justin Trudeau start date for legal recreational weed.


Beyond the Buzz


Is “it gets you high” your only knowledge of cannabis?


Well, if you’re Canadian, it’s high time for a refresher, because that shouldn’t be your only piece of canna-knowledge — especially with the passage of Bill C-45, establishing a legal adult-use recreational market starting on October 17, 2018.


What’s a strain? Is smoking the only way to consume weed? Isn’t dabbing a dance craze with the youths?


You’ve got questions, but read on to get the answers.