The 101: Unlocking Creativity With Cannabis

by RISE Mag

August 8, 2018

Writer’s block? Artist’s block? Creatively clogged? Cannabis is beloved for its ability to help people tap into new ways of thinking.


Smoking On The Job


In Hollywood, cannabis has long been understood as a conduit for creativity, taking an active role both in front of and behind the camera.


From vaping on the red carpet to smoking in the writers’ room, cannabis-friendly creatives have been known to consume on the job for decades. For employers in the industry, a hands-off approach is best taken when it comes to pot.


“I’ve never been tested,” said one anonymous former TV showrunner. “Why would employers try to stop something that aids in creativity and makes them money?”


See how cannabis use has been taken to new heights.


Which Comes First: Cannabis Or Creativity?


Does cannabis enhance creativity, or are creative people simply more likely to enjoy pot?


A new study seeking to answer this chicken-or-the-egg conundrum suggests it might be the latter.


Personality aside, this doesn’t detract from the possibility that cannabis has some effect on creativity. Namely, its ability to influence the creative process, allowing ideas to flow freely.


We have to admit: That’s pretty dope.


Highway To The Creative Zone


Looking to spark up some creativity energy? Cannabis can help you think flexibly, opening you up to ideas that might not materialize in a sober state.


But does getting high guarantee creative transcendence? Well, not exactly.


To conjure your optimal creative flow, you’ve got to set the stage — choose your desired strain, set your intention, and get in the zone.


Get creating with this step-by-step guide on getting the most out of your experience.


Unblock Your Brain


Cannabis has all sorts of applications — from simply enjoying the blissed out sensation of a high, to its use as a treatment option for medical conditions.


Facing a mental block? Cannabis might just help get your creative juices flowing.


Sativa strains are noted for their stimulating effects, sparking an energetic, positive, and creative state of mind.


Next time you need to boost your imagination, try one of these seven strains.


Do You Share Seth Rogen’s Productivity Secret?


Seth Rogan, one of Hollywood’s biggest (and most beloved) stoners, believes cannabis helps inform his creative process, motivating him to stay productive.


“Weed makes me willing to work,” he says.


“If I’m stoned I’ll happily work all day long. I don’t really smoke when I’m acting because I can tell I look stoned, but other than that, being high makes me more willing to spend ten hours doing something that could otherwise get laborious.”


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