It’s Not Just Brownies: The World Of ‘Elevated’ Dining

by RISE Mag

September 12, 2018

Think you know edibles? Save that weed gummy for a rainy day, because the current trend in cannabis-infused food is high-end and experimental. THC and CBD is popping up in everything from curated multi-course gourmet meals (vitello tonnato with THC, anyone?), to olive oil, to activated ganache-filled chocolate cubes.




Weed brownies? Old news.


Cooking with cannabis has been elevated to the point where getting “baked” now means soufflés, brulées, and even infused collard greens.


“Bringing cannabis into the culinary conversation is important because it allows people to open their minds to something they may have been against because they haven’t understood its potential,” explains Andrea Drummer, co-owner of Elevation VIP Cooperative, a company specializing in infused cuisine.


Hungry for more? Read on to see why blessings from celeb chefs (including Martha Stewart) are good news for ‘elevated’ dining.




Picture this: An underground den of vice, featuring poker tables and swirling clouds of thick smoke, tobacco or otherwise.


Wave that all away and step into the classy-yet-clandestine world of weed dinner parties — sophisticated fine-dining experiences that operate in the shadows to serve up delicious meals with a ‘higher’ purpose.


Sound like a movie? Hannah Goldfield, food critic for The New Yorker, taste-tests a curated cannabis dinner, far beyond your typical weed-infused brownie or gummy edible.


Fair warning, though: After reading this feature, you’ll be a) ravenous for crudo and vitello tonnato, and b) disappointed these sensational dishes aren’t legal nationwide.





Expert chefs are often asked a very important question: “What’s your secret?”


Like all great magicians, culinary master and Iron Chef contestant Cat Cora probably wouldn’t divulge very much. But she does have one secret ingredient she’d like to mention: Cannabis.


Specifically, cannabis olive oil. Cora, who swears by the Mediterranean diet, says she puts it into anything she can infuse.


“There are so many applications,” she says. “I have so many amazing ideas and a lot of things that I really want to apply it to.”




Are you a foodie? If so, you likely find yourself exploring new and adventurous tastes and smells.


The same is true for the talented chefs who make and bake your meals, desserts, and everything in between.


Take Marisela Retana, a renowned pastry chef who moved from Michelin-starred fine dining to high-end cannabis edibles.


“I had no idea I would ever be dealing with infusing marijuana or anything like that,” Retana says. “But I really wanted to try something different with my career—and here I am.”


Thanks to wizards like Retana, we’ve moved on from weed brownies to activated ganache-filled chocolate cubes. And trust us, you’ll want to see the photos!





Nutritious. Full of flavor. Gets you feeling good.


Want to start cooking on high with a little bit of cannabis? POPSUGAR has tips on making your very own butter, be it made from THC or CBD.


From there, the world of gastronomy is yours to discover.


Just remember the crucial cannabis guideline: Start slow, and keep it limited to one strain per infusion. (But most of all, have fun with it!)