The RISE Difference


April 25, 2019

After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill late last year, the already buzzing CBD industry got a huge boost. Here’s how we’re setting our brands apart from the rest in this rapidly growing market:

  • Organic. When it comes to hemp, quality is key. So many consumers are seeking out organic options when it comes to food, personal care and clothing, but don’t question the origin of their CBD products! Using organic when it comes to CBD will help you avoid many of the toxins associated with standard growing processes. For all its brands’ products, RISE uses hemp from a vegan organic farm in Washington County, Oregon. McCulloch Farms has never used any pesticides in the growing or production of its plant material, and the soil is graded A-1.
  • Micro-batching. By using a micro-batching process, RISE brands allow for quality control of our products. Micro-batching, or making product in small batches, ensures that the cannabidiol does not have time, once extracted, to be affected by outside elements. Our micro-batching takes place in a state-of-the-art ISO-certified clean room, and we put our products through a range of third-party tests to ensure the very best quality for the consumer – including tests for heavy metals, pathogens, toxins and pesticides. We also conduct microbiology tests for contaminants like yeast and mold, and our products are certified as shelf-stable (free of contaminants) for two years.

RISE takes quality control one step further with complete consumer transparency. Every product contains a unique lot number that buyers can use to request a third-party Certificate of Analysis that details exactly what is in that product’s CBD.

  • Nanotechnology. RISE brands utilize proprietary nanotechnology in our signature products to take CBD and break it down to a smaller, water-soluble size. This process allows for superior bioavailability of the CBD and other key ingredients through the blood barrier at a cellular level – far higher than other CBD delivery methods such as capsules, tincture drops, topical products and vapes.

When it comes to product offerings, RISE isn’t just another CBD brand. We’re a group of scientists and environmentalists who formulate products with quality and consumer transparency at the forefront. No matter your lifestyle, our portfolio can enhance it. From overall balance and calm to decreased inflammation, improved muscle recovery, better sleep, and reinvigorated intimate experiences — there’s a product we can offer to help fulfill your daily needs. To shop our formulas and experience the RISE difference, visit Life Bloom Organics (products geared toward health) and Karezza (geared toward sexual wellness).