Thanks to decades of negative connotations, cannabis use still carries a pesky, lingering stigma. More and more, however, successful users (and straight-up science) are speaking up and winning out over stereotypes.

Find Successful Cannabis Users Everywhere (Even at Playgroup)

It’s well past time to say goodbye to that silly stereotype about pot users. Why, you ask? Because the science of statistics is about to totally embarrass you if you don’t.

A recent study reports that “adults who consume cannabis aren’t just more likely to be employed than non-consumers, they’re more likely to hold supervisory roles at work.”

Many also have kids and own homes … you know, just like other responsible humans.

Learn more about the importance of destigmatizing cannabis use among parents.

Newsflash: Plenty of Ladies Who Enjoy Pot Are Normal, Functioning Women  

No, women who smoke weed aren’t antisocial, childless, or “Like, totally going through a REALLY tough time right now, you know?”

They’re just, um … What’s the word we’re looking for? Normal! Yep, that’s the one.  

Read more about those annoying myths surrounding women who enjoy marijuana.

One-Time Middle School Narc, to Marijuana Mom

TFW you’re a mom who needs to take the edge off in these trying times and downward dog just isn’t cutting it. What do you do?

One hangover-averse mother of teenagers decided that marijuana was the way to go …  and, as the internet likes to say: You won’t believe what happened next!

(Spoiler alert: She learned how to relax.)

Discover how this mom scratched “try weed” off her to-do list.

Make Your Feminism Inclusive: Fight for Legalization of Cannabis

Attention: Feminists

It’s time we worked weed into our intersectionality. Wanna know why? Because “research shows that marijuana can be an effective treatment for a number of illnesses that disproportionately affect women.”

So, what does that mean? It means that making it hard (or impossible) for people to access pot as a medicine is disproportionately hurting and holding back women. And that is NOT cool.

Want more on why marijuana is a feminist issue? Read this article on Bustle.

Reefer Madness, No More

Don’t blame it on Pineapple Express — pot-smokers had a negative (and completely false) reputation long before Seth Rogen and James Franco tackled the topic.

The question is: Why?

Basically it comes down to a lack of information, backward, outdated thinking, and a strong aversion to science.

More weed education = less weed stigmatization. And when was the last time you heard education described as a bad thing and stigmatization as a good one?

Read on to find out why the facts don’t lie, and how science and education on cannabis is winning out.

Guess Who: Cannabis Edition

NBA superstars, record label moguls, tech geniuses, and former US presidents… we can name more than a dozen cool, accomplished people who use marijuana (and only two of them are Cheech and Chong).

Which of your favourite luminaries are 420-friendly? High Times has got you covered.

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