Why We're Different

We use a proprietary, best-in-class nanotization technology, in a sublingual oral spray delivery that increases the impact of our hemp products’ ingredients. All our products are non-psychoactive and contain no alcohol, pesticides, heavy metals or toxins. We use best-in-class raw ingredients sourced from certified suppliers; all our products meet regulatory requirements and standards and are certified Food Safe; all non-hemp ingredients are FDA approved; and all our current SKUs are approved for a minimum two-year shelf life.

Our product formulas draw upon our existing patents, crafted by our in-house chemist, herbalist, botanist and product specialist.  We micro-batch all production at our FDA-registered lab for top quality control.

Life Bloom Organics


Our first brand in market, Life Bloom Organics was inspired and created in Malibu, California. Our popular ‘Nano’ hemp oral sprays are offered in 5 proprietary formulations for a range of lifestyle needs: Sleep, Wellness, PMS, Intimacy and Muscle Recovery.

Life Bloom Organics can be found at natural health food markets, chiropractic offices, specialty retailers and medical dispensaries, as well as online.