Lifestyle Brands for the Global Health and Wellness Market

Who We Are

RISE creates premium health and wellness brands for the modern consumer.

We are a publicly traded Canadian company (CSE: RLSC) that develops proprietary hemp-based products to help people support their health and wellbeing.

Our vertically integrated structure manages our entire business, taking products from concept to consumer. We are already in market with multiple product lines for sale, more innovative products in the pipeline, and a national expansion plan.

Our Products

We’d hate to reinvent the wheel in an overcrowded space. Instead, we seek to identify the widest-open opportunities, create innovative products to fill gaps, and capture the market.

Our proprietary nanotization process increases the bioavailability of our products’ organic hemp extract, ensuring that every dose delivers the maximum benefit. Combined with superior delivery methods and targeted formulas, our products transmit more benefits to the system, faster.

Our in-house laboratory and team of chemists, botanists and herbalists are constantly innovating to continue bringing products that consumers love to market across the United States.