Cannabis products for sexual health & wellness

RISE Life Science

We develop cannabis-based consumer products for both medical and adult-use markets around the world. All products are based on patent-pending formulations and processes to produce specific targeted effects. A key area of focus for RISE is evidence-based botanical formulations to address adult sexual health and wellness for both men and women.

Anton Mattadeen, CEO

An entrepreneur, inventor, and technology and communications professional, Anton brings over 30 years of expertise from global companies like IBM and Sony. For the past several years he has taken an active role to learn, understand, and develop strategic initiatives for the global botanical marketplace. From business strategy and design, to innovative market insertion plans, navigating regulatory protocols, public representation, government communication, and investor relationships, Anton is well versed in all aspects of this burgeoning industry.

Chris Dollard, COO

Chris brings over three decades of business leadership and experience in Operations, IT, and Communications to RISE. He possesses deep operational capabilities derived from a career delivering services for companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, and Best Buy/Future Shop and others. By blending “old school” knowledge open leadership and audit-able business practices, Chris excels at creating operational strategies that reflect the highest professional standards, are comprehensive, and easy to understand by all stakeholders.

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